I've begun thinking about a Romance conlang for a story I'm writing. It is a Languedoc development, 
heavily influenced by another conlang, a Sarmatian-Gothic creole spoken by a majority population 
formed by migrating Sarmatians and Visigoths. I've got some Gothic textbooks, and some Avestan, 
Pahlavi, Sogdian and modern Persian textbooks, so I can work something out for the Sarmatian-Goths 
to cry into their beers. I just don't have much stuff on Provencal/Occitan/Languedoc - a modern 
grammar, a TY Catalan which will do for some of the comparative grammar work - but no Old Occitan/
Provencal/Languedoc grammars that I can recall, and no historical grammars.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Wesley Parish

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