> From: Leonardo Castro [log in to unmask]

> Actually, I talked about aspects, tenses and moods just for
> comparison, because I want my conlang to have only "modifiers" that
> can be used as preffixes.
> Instead of indicative and subjunctive, for instance, it'll have
> modifiers meaning "actually/factually" and "hypothetically". 

Right --- but is that not just another way of saying a modifier for
indicative (the mood of reality, factuality) and subjunctive (the
mood of irreality, hypotheticality)? :)

> They
> could be combined to mean a "hypothetical fact" (something considered
> as a fact in a hypothetical reality) or a "factual hypothesis". 

Right. Such a fact would still be hypothetical and not real -- hence it would
still not be indicative. Unless you're positing a secondary set of moods that
would cover this territory -- a sort of parallel analog "Indicative-2" that would
work only in the hypothetical. Sort of like when we say "for the sake of argument"
or "assuming X to be true...".