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M Forster <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello conlangers,
> I'm currently working on relative clauses and considering different 
> placements. My language is mostly VSO and head-first and my current 
> model for relative clauses works like this (simplified):
>      head-noun verb subject object REL
>      "the man go he the bar who"
>      "The man who went to the bar"
> Now my question is: Do you know of any natlang that does this? I'd be 
> very interested to know.

It's not really likely. A relative pronoun (uncommon anyway) is a
combination pronoun and conjunction, and a conjunction must start the
clause; how else would we know that it was a new clause? In English we
have to stick with that even when the result is ambiguous:
That is the model whom the artist helped to paint.

A more common pattern is to have a conjunction and pronoun:
*That is the model that the artist helped to paint her
*That is the model that the artist helped her to paint

man who go bar
man that go [he] bar
The shared subject is generally dropped in the subordinate clause