Sure, the asterisk discussions are most annoying. They don't come across as capable of intimidating a newcomer into thinking that Ido is a different language than what one sees in the textbooks. INTERLNG people don't even agree on pronouns and particles.

2013/8/25 Stephen Rice <[log in to unmask]>
On 8/25/13, MacLeod Dave <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> With a language like Esperanto I wouldn't concern myself, but given the
> small size of the community those on INTERLNG have the potential to
> influence new users and the language itself. The Interlingua dictionary
> with the extra particles and vocabulary influenced by Romanian, for
> example. Luckily Ido doesn't have a group like this.

Have you heard of Idolisto? Nasty out the *wazuo (note the asterisk)
at times, especially toward suspected Esperantists and other heretics.
(Ask Kjell!) They at least used to have occasional wars over usage
questions and even reforms (real or perceived). There are some really
courteous Idists--Lavallée and Neves, for example (and by a curious
coincidence they're very productive, too)--but they don't moderate
lists so far as I know. If they did, I might join up.