On 02/09/2013 16:19, C. Brickner wrote:
>> I didn't remember about the Catholic thing. Otherwise,
>> for years I've conformed to three of those epithets.
>> Nowadays only to two of them :P.
> IIRC the 'Catholic' bit got there partly because of JRRT
> and because there were (presumably still are) quite a
> few Catholics among those who actively post to the list.
> Also IIRC Fr Schleyer, the inventor of Volapük had
> something to do with it.  Coincidentally the inventor of
> the earliest mixed-type conlang was that of the French
> Jesuit priest, Philippe Labbé, published in 1663:
> ________________________________________________
> And let's not forget St. Hildegard! :-)


That's a sin of omission, if ever there was one    :(

Mea maxima culpa!

(Send penance off-line)

"language … began with half-musical unanalysed expressions
for individual beings and events."
[Otto Jespersen, Progress in Language, 1895]