On 01/09/2013 23:24, Matthew George wrote:
> I suspect that if you looked only at people who didn't
> have additional problems, you wouldn't find any different
> between left-handers and right-handers.

What about those people who are truly ambidextrous?  I
recall from long, long years ago when I was at school that
some of the classrooms had blackboards that stretched the
whole length of the wall.  One such room was the domain of
the Head of Classics; he would begin writing on the board
with his left hand and then, about midway along, change the
chalk to his right hand and continue writing.

But I thought it had been established on this list many,
many moons ago that the typical conlanger was left-handed,
gay, Catholic, Lithuanian and sported a goatee beard      :)

Alas, I conform to only one of those epithets   ;)

"language  began with half-musical unanalysed expressions
for individual beings and events."
[Otto Jespersen, Progress in Language, 1895]