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Hi, I'm in a science fiction group. They've posted this article.

I wasn't sure if I could cross-post from that list to this, so to be safe, I
figured I'd just send the link and pose some questions.
Are you left or right-handed, I'm left.
RM right-handed. According to whatever IQ test was administered in the 1940s (when I was 10 or 11) I had IQ 144. (If I'm so smart, why ain't I rich?) I can't imagine that there's any _real_ correlation between handedness and intelligence; the idea is skewed by the fact that many Terran cultures denigrate lefties, and they have trouble in schools accordingly.

Do your worlds have use this tool to determine intelligence?
RM No. Except maybe anecdotally, like we do.

What do you think about using intelligence as a ranking factor in our
worlds, would it work at any tech level, after all Yemora is a cross-tech
society, so maybe a mental healer would test the children.
RM I suppose my peoples have ways of measureing (roughly) intelligence, but as we now know, there are all kinds of intelligences, not just book-learning stuff........

Also, this just brought up another question.
Do your conlangs have nonverbal communication for people with communicative
disorders, and if so, does handness play a factor. Mine does, but it looks I
have to rewrite my notes again.
RM Probably, but I haven't really worked on it. Kash people are generally telepathic, so that could take the place of verbal communication, unless a person's telepathy was somehow compromised, or just not up to snuff (it happens but is quite rare).Deaf or aphasic people might have evolved systems of signing, but I don't know. At one point I did some preliminary thinking on a Braille-type system for blind people, but never went far with it.

Gwr and La˝-la˝ people are not telepathic, so they probably have other systems, but sorry to say I haven't thought about what they might be.

In any case, I doubt that handedness would have anything to do with it.....(Do we know what causes handedness even here on Earth?)