> only "regardlessof", "ior" and "if2" can be used singly.

Obviously, it is not "ior" but "and" what can be used singly.

And the "thob"/"endboth" word has an attested synonym "-que".

Here is the corrected table:

0011  A
0101  B
0000  nregardlessof A, nregardlessof B
0001  (both) A, (and) B (-que)
0010  (nif) A nthen B (fin) = (only) A, andnot B
0011  (yest) A, regardlessof B
0100  nann A (nif) B (nnan) = not A, (only) B
0101  regardlessof A, (yest) B
0110  xeither A xor B (rethiex)
0111  ieither A ior B (rethiei)
1000  neither A nor B (rethien) = not A andnot B
1001  nxeither A nxor B (rethiexn) = ifandonlyif A thenandonlythen B 
1010  regardlessof A, not B
1011  ann A if B (nna)
1100  not A, regardlessof B
1101  if A then B (fi)
1110  nboth A nand B (n-que)
1111  regardlessoff A, regardlessof B