On 9/8/2013 10:24 PM, Zach Wellstood wrote:

> But how have others done this? It seems quite complicated to me.

Tirelat is just an Anglicized version of "tirëłat" [ˈtiɾəɬat]. Since 
there's nothing like a lateral fricative in English, I'm stuck with a 
plain /l/ or something like "thl", and "Tirethlat" doesn't look like the 
first syllable should have the stress. Stress is one of the big problems 
even with natlang names in English. (How would you pronounce Tagalog or 
Malayalam if you didn't know what syllable the stress is on?)

Both "Tirelat" and "Jarda" went through a number of Anglicized forms 
(such as "Tirelhat", "Gjarrda") before settling on the simpler version. 
(The native name of "Jarda", in the current romanization, is "Ģarda".)

Lindiga's native name is ṣi-Liṇṭiŋa [ʂiˈʎiɳɖiŋa]. English doesn't have 
retroflex sounds, and the /ṭ/ is voiced in that context, so "nd" is as 
close as English can get to /ṇṭ/. I could have chosen "Lindinga" but I 
thought that would be read as /lɪnˈdɪŋɡə/.