The Anglicized name “Senjecas” is merely the native name in Latin letters.  It just so happens that the phonemes involved in both renderings are the same; well, almost.   A Sefdaanian would pronounce it as /senjecAs/.  A speaker of English, including me, would pronounce it /sEnjekAs/.  
The spelling with <c> is an historical accident.  Back in the day, I used <c> for that phoneme, but later changed it to <k>, well, actually <ĸ>. There are too many instances of <c> to change them all now.  But I think it works.

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Hi all,

(if this has been discussed elsewhere, please link me. I haven't seen it.)

I haven't ever had an anglicized autoglottonym for my conlang, łaá siri,
but recently I've been considering coining one. Not only is it unwieldy to
type that ​<ł>, but saying it to those who don't understand sounds of other
languages is too: /ɬɑꜛɑ siri/.

I don't think that an English translation would sound right ("Language of
the Sky People"?). Too long-winded and RPG-sounding for my purposes.

So I think the best way is to decide on a name like Siric (which wouldn't
make sense in the conlang, really, but is an option) or maybe Lhaa
(pronounced like /laa/). Maybe just retaining it as Lhaa Siri but, to be
honest, it's aesthetically unappealing to me (kind of a butchery with my
knowledge of the language).

But how have others done this? It seems quite complicated to me.


raa'lalí 'aa! - [sirisaá! <>]