Hello and welcome.

My first reaction was, Oh goodness me, great minds think alike. My conlang Kash is also spoken by people evolved from a (sort-of) great-cat species on another planet. If you want, take a look at the website,  I didn't deal with the split-lip problem, but the pronunciation of the language is, like yours, quite Spanish-like. Do you know Spanish? My original (1976 and on) Romanization was even based on Spanish (since the first contacter was HIspanic), with "j" for /x/ (now "h"), "ch" and "nch" for /tS/ and /ndZ/ (now "c" and "nj"); there's a lot of influence from Indonesian languages too, which was my academic field.

I wish you great success!!
Roger Mills

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Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013 8:29 PM
Subject: Working on my first conlang.

Hello. I am a relative newbie to conlanging. I have admired the works of others for years, but have never really dipped into it fully until now. My first love is fantasy writing, so my languages will for the most part serve as a native tongue for races or cultures in my novels. 

For my first language, I want to create a language for a race of anthropomorphic cat creatures. Original, I know. That being said... I have begun the process of figuring out what kinds of sounds they are capable of making. One example is the fact that because of their top lip being split down the middle in the manner of most felids, they can not make bilabial sounds. Similar to Spanish in that B and V would be interchangeable for them. They would not be able to pronounce out B sound, so would resort to V. Base -> Vase. In general, it tends to follow a Spanish or Arabic accent, with the smooth sounds, and tendency to have a feline purr. The purr itself will stem from them being anthropomorphic jungle cats, but will serve a greater purpose, similar to the ceceo, or the Spanish trill. 

If this doesn't sound altogether silly to you, I would love some help getting started with my first constructed language. Good day.