Hallo conlangers!

On Thursday 10 October 2013 01:24:56 Padraic Brown wrote:

> Pffff. Flash in the pan. People will get over this minor fad soon enough
> and go back to the hanja! ;))
> It's not often one can pinpoint the date of promulgation of a whole system
> of writing (let alone the author of that system).
> Are there any conlangs out there where you know, within their concultural
> context, of an exact date of promulgation like this? I can't think of any
> of mine with such exact dates. In a couple cases, the inventor is known,
> and perhaps a general date range, but nothing more specific.

My Elves (the speakers of Old Albic) ascribe their writing system
to a cultural heroine.  It is uncertain to which extent this is
true, but it is considered quite likely by modern scholars that
the script is indeed one invented by a single person, since it is
featural; also the date of promulgation is not known. 

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