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> > I just had an odd experience. I created a new file using the MS
> Description P5 template in Oxygen. I was unable to put <formula> in
> <collation> (like you do). However when I switched to the TEI All P5
> template, I was able to do it. <formula> is allowed in <collation>, so it
> looks like there is a bug in the Oxygen template setup. Could this be fixed
> please? I'm happy to use TEI All but I'd rather use the MS Description
> template (and I'd particularly like to know that the template is working
> when I recommend others to use it). <formula> is in the figured module -
> maybe that module isn't included in the MS Description Oxygen schema?
> I am not sure its a _bug_, merely an unfortunate design decision not to
> include the "figures" model in that MS Description schema. I have
> changed this for the next release.
> Note that this is not a choice of the oXygen people - the TEI framework is
> an open source setup managed jointly by oXygen and TEI Consortium,
> which they deliver in the oXygen editor.
> When we make the next release, you'll be able to upgrade your framework.
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