On Wed, 16 Oct 2013, Lou Burnard wrote:
> On 15/10/13 15:28, Martin de la Iglesia wrote:
> > Looks interesting, but where is the TEI XML code, actually? I didn't find
> > any link.
> >
> Yes, I was wondering that too. Can anyone tell us?

With apologies for missing both messages when they first arrived, and
thanks to Christian Thomas for mentioning them off list--

We've now put up a skeletal TEI-XML sample at
which is linked from the site's Recent Changes page

120 KB for the sample is almost nothing against the complete volume's 4.8
MB. Because University of California Press sells all versions of
_Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2_ *other than* that at, we cannot provide the full XML file (hence also the
absence of TEI source for our edited letters). The sample includes two
dictations, their explanatory notes and textual apparatus, and
miscellaneous snippets from other parts of the book.

One of my next tasks is to update the site's now rather venerable
technical summary (2007) so that it explicates some of the decisions
behind the encoding practices presented by the sample and provides some
corresponding XSL snippets. To get AutoMT2 up in P5 alongside "writings"
still in P4, there was much forking of XTF's XSL routines. (A later task
is to convert those writings to P5. Letters will remain forked, however,
P4 for already published texts 1853-80 and P5 for subsequently released

Due to decisions that I've inherited, by the way, MTP has thus far encoded
editorial artifacts, not transcriptions of manuscripts and typescripts.

Best wishes,
Digital Publications Manager, MTP