I think Piotr early in the last thread suggested `<ab>`, which doesn't 
have the semantic baggage of `<p>`. I use it for almost all groupings of 
sub-div-level text.

On 2013-11-08 11:53, Christian Chiarcos wrote:
> Yet another (and probably stupid) question:
> what would be the most appropriate markup up an original Bible verse:
> - <l>: In fact, it can be said to be a line of verse, but this is not
> verse in the poetic sense (as apparently presupposed in TEI). In poetic
> renderings of the bible, the two definitions of verse would clash.
> - <p>: In modern editions, Bible verses are often written within a
> single paragraph, but this is not systematically the case.
> - <seg type="verse">: This was used in the old CES scheme. No longer
> possible in TEI because <seg> is not allowed as a child of <div>
> anymore, and marking chapter-level divs as <p> would be even more
> unjustified than using <p> for verses.
> - <span type="verse">: In a way it can be said that assigning a verse id
> "associates an interpretative annotation directly with a span of text"
> but I'm a little bit in doubt whether this really qualifies as an
> "interpretative annotation".
> Both <l> and <p> are problematic, because the units under consideration
> are not directly grounded in text structure but in traditional verse
> numbering (regardless of how manifested in the respective edition).
> Right now, I'm inclined to work with span, because it would be an
> isomorphic mapping from the old CES specs, but I might have overlooked
> some more suitable alternative.
> Any ideas?
> Christian

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