Hi Andreas (and TEI-L),

That may indeed be a typo. I'm not entirely sure, as soon as any 
element is 'datable' (by which we mean is a member of the 
att.datable class and thus gets this collection of attributes 
involved in dating things) surely in some senses it becomes an 

But I think I'm splitting hairs there and 'element' would be 
clearer, so I've gone ahead and just made that change in the 
source.  You can see the change live on one of the Jenkins 
continuous integration servers the TEI runs. e.g.

Just to remind members of the TEI community, you can all report 
bugs and place feature requests and there are several methods to 
do so:

a) Submit them, once logged in, directly on the TEI Sourceforge 
Website at: and This is 
definitely the easiest for us and gives you a way you can 
continue to contribute to the ticket as the the TEI Technical 
Council (and anyone else who is interested) debates it.

b) Email them to [log in to unmask] which goes to the chair of 
Technical Council (currently me) who will then create a ticket on 
your behalf.

c) Email to TEI-L and hope that someone else either implements it 
directly (as I've just done) or creates a ticket for it.  This is 
obviously the least reliable since things do occasionally slip by 
us on TEI-L. ;-)

On 16/11/13 10:25, Andreas Triantafillidis wrote:
> hi
> two thirds down section 13.1.2 there is the following phrase:
> "With these definitions in place, any datable *event* may be associated with a specific period:"
> is "event" supposed to be "element"?
> ----
> sorry btw if I am not following some formal way of asking/pointing out possible mistakes, I'm not sure how
> cheers

Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]
Academic IT Services, University of Oxford