Il 22/11/2013 11:16, Lou Burnard ha scritto:
>   On 22/11/13 10:08, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:
>> . The message that should be conveyed is that
>>   a) of course TEI P4 documents are TEI documents, but
>>   b) they will continue to be useful and used only for as long the
>> necessary technologies will continue work, which is why
>>   c) you're *strongly* encouraged 1. not to use versions different
>> from the current standard for new projects, and 2. to migrate existing
>> documents to the current version (unless you've particular needs, your
>> setup is simple and going to last forever, etc.); a particular accent
>> should go on the fact that, even if TEI XML is going to last forever,
>> the required XML tools to make use of it may not, and that's not TEI
>> responsibility;
> That all sounds entirely correct to me, though I wish I knew how to
> disseminate this message better/more effectively.

Perhaps a good starting point could be an expansion of the introductory 
text you're presented with on the TEI site (home page is half empty 
anyway ;); or an expanded, more new-user-friendly introduction linked 
straight from the same page. I've always appreciated that the TEI site 
is concise and functional, but I guess that fundamental issues should 
have more prominence.



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