Il 22/11/2013 15:20, Lauranne BERTRAND ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I assume you are using <line> within <surface> and <zone>. These
> elements are used for the representation of your original document as a
> physical object (as you say, the document level). It's why you don't
> find <rs> or <name> inside.
> If you want to mark personals name, I think you must encode your text a
> second time in <text>. You will have, at the end, one <text> and one
> <sourceDoc> that you can link together with attributes.

Actually you're not forced to do that: <line> allows for marking words 
using <w>, which lets you include <name>s inside itself (and <rs>s as 
well). So if you only want to markup a handful of <name>s inside <line>s 
you can do that already within the scope of <sourceDoc> and without 
needing any custom element.

I agree, though, that if you want to encode your text with extensive 
analytical markup then <text> is the way to go.



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