Il 22/11/2013 18:56, Lavrentev Alexey ha scritto:
> le 22/11/2013 18:19 Selon Roberto Rosselli Del Turco:
>> Actually you're not forced to do that: <line> allows for marking words
>> using <w>, which lets you include <name>s inside itself (and <rs>s as
>> well). So if you only want to markup a handful of <name>s inside
>> <line>s you can do that already within the scope of <sourceDoc> and
>> without needing any custom element.
> I don't think you can use <name> inside <w> (cf.
>, but you
> surely can inside <seg>.
> However, it still looks like an "abusive workaround " (to quote Gerrit).
> I understand that having <text> along with <sourceDesc> (and hence
> duplicating the transcription) just to be able to mark up some names or
> dates does not look like an optimal solution. So I would support
> Gerrit's idea to make the content model of <line> less restrictive (e.g.
> allow more elements from the phrase model

Whoops, my bad, was looking on the wrong table! I guess it's the day of 
the hasty answers XD

Well at least you have <seg>, which means you *can* mark some names in a 
relatively hassle-free manner.



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