The inconsistency does seem a bit odd I agree. But you could argue it 
either way -- maybe it's wrong to allow @script to have multiple tokens!

Both these attributes used to be "cdata" which allowed you to write any 
old text in there and have it be regarded as a single value. Let's not 
revisit the reasons that's not such a clever idea and why we started 
introducing things like "data.enumerated" to say explicitly that an 
attribute has a coded value -- or values if more than one is permitted.  
The problem we want to avoid is the ambiguity as to whether "@att="two 
values" is a single value with a space in the middle or two distinct 
ones (in which case it probably means the same as @att="values two")

I suspect we left @script as multiple words delimited by white space 
because all the example script names we could think of had multiple 
words in them, whereas  (until you came along!) no-one had suggested 
anything other than a single word to describe @medium.

I'm interested however that you seem to require this because you regard 
@medium as inherently supplying two pieces of information -- the  ink  
and the thing used to apply it . Is that generally applicable? Should we 
perhaps provide two different attributes ?

On 06/11/13 10:15, Martin de la Iglesia wrote:
> I've come across something in the Guidelines that I don't understand: 
> in the class att.handFeatures, why do @script and @medium have 
> different datatypes? Multiple tokens are allowed in @script (1–∞ 
> occurrences of separated by whitespace), which makes perfect 
> sense - but it would make sense for @medium (which is data.enumerated) 
> just as well. The definition of @medium says, "describes the tint or 
> type of ink, e.g. brown, or other writing medium, e.g. pencil". But 
> what if I would like to describe both the ink and the writing 
> instrument? Ideally I'd like to encode this as e.g. @medium="brown_ink 
> brush", or @medium="iron_gall_ink quill", but that's not valid in the 
> current datatype. Is there a reason for the different datatypes of 
> @script and @medium?