Those of us jumping from deadline to deadline (for me, it's the third 
one within a week) may possibly benefit from my as yet unpublished 
comment to the CFP for DH-2014, and hurry up....

(Do forgive the grammatical slippage below, the note wasn't written in a 
perfectly relaxed state of mind.)

Good luck,



Piotr on November 1, 2013 at 9:18 pm 
said: /Your comment is awaiting moderation./

It’s worth noting that the CFP specifies GMT time, while the conftool 
uses CET. This means 1 hour of a difference, especially relevant to 
those who happen to celebrate a holiday on the November 1st, and took 
time away from their families, and discovered (or not yet) that they 
have 1 hour less than officially announced. No fun…