Am 22.11.2013 15:20, schrieb Lauranne BERTRAND:
> I assume you are using <line> within <surface> and <zone>. These 
> elements are used for the representation of your original document as 
> a physical object (as you say, the document level). It's why you don't 
> find <rs> or <name> inside.
This is part of a general problem, see

<line> was invented to *allow* a rigorously documentary encoding.
It was *not* invented to draw a fix line between a purely documentary 
and a more 'interpretative' encoding. (There are people who even deny 
the mere differentiation.)
And it was not invented to provoke abusive workarounds.
So why spoon-feed users with such limitations?
I agree with Oliver that this is a case for a feature request.


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