Yet another (and probably stupid) question:

what would be the most appropriate markup up an original Bible verse:

- <l>: In fact, it can be said to be a line of verse, but this is not  
verse in the poetic sense (as apparently presupposed in TEI). In poetic  
renderings of the bible, the two definitions of verse would clash.
- <p>: In modern editions, Bible verses are often written within a single  
paragraph, but this is not systematically the case.
- <seg type="verse">: This was used in the old CES scheme. No longer  
possible in TEI because <seg> is not allowed as a child of <div> anymore,  
and marking chapter-level divs as <p> would be even more unjustified than  
using <p> for verses.
- <span type="verse">: In a way it can be said that assigning a verse id  
"associates an interpretative annotation directly with a span of text" but  
I'm a little bit in doubt whether this really qualifies as an  
"interpretative annotation".

Both <l> and <p> are problematic, because the units under consideration  
are not directly grounded in text structure but in traditional verse  
numbering (regardless of how manifested in the respective edition).

Right now, I'm inclined to work with span, because it would be an  
isomorphic mapping from the old CES specs, but I might have overlooked  
some more suitable alternative.

Any ideas?
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