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> Yes it seems to me as well that <relation> dominion has been
> generalized in the description, though it appears in the context of
> names dates etc. chapter of the Guidelines:

I think a generalized definition can be justified, but then the schemas  
need to be adjusted accordingly. (I started with

But just out of curiosity: What would remain of the difference between  
<link> and <relation> in this generalized sense ?

<q>defines an association or hypertextual link among elements or passages,  
of some type not more precisely specifiable by other elements. [16.1]</q>

So, with relation uncoupled from "items" and redefined as "any kind of  
relationship or linkage" closely resembles link "an association ... not  
more precisely specifiable". Would <link> be absorbed by <relation> ?


> <q>(relationship) describes any kind of relationship or linkage
> amongst a specified group of places, events, persons, objects or other
> items</q>
> Anyway I would take seriously the idea of adding RDFa attributes to
> TEI vocabulary...
> f
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