Two more curiosities.


We now have the wonderful retrace element, which ‘contains a sequence of writing which has been retraced, for example by over-inking, to clarify or fix it’. Two questions about its application:


When a writer clarifies a letter, not by strictly retracing its form, but by crossing it out and writing it again above the line, would you still encode that as retrace rather than as a combination of add and del (and possibly subst)? The Guidelines describe the retrace element in the section about ‘Fixation and Clarification’ and this seems to me a clear case of clarification. So I use retrace.


In another case, the same writer crosses out an entire word because it was written somewhat above the line, and rewrites the same word at the correct height. It still seems silly to use add and del. I’d consider this a case of ‘fixation’ and again feel tempted to use retrace. Other ideas?