On 29 Nov 2013, at 14:19, Louis-Dominique Dubeau <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> I'm trying to extract bits of documentation out of odd files. There are
> two options I've considered:
> 1. Use the command line roma2 with --dochtml and extract data from
> there.
> Advantage: what I extract is HTML, which is the format I ultimately
> want.
> Disadvantage: The markup of the ODD file is gone. For instance, it looks
> like <gloss> is put in the HTML as text surrounded by parentheses.
> There's no markup of any form to indicate that this used to be a gloss
> in the odd. Not unsurmountable but more fragile than I'd like.

I would suggest that this is usually a better route to take, because you
take advantage of any improvements/fixes to the stylesheets as time goes
by, in their interpretation of how to process ODD.

the downside is, as you say, the semantic information being lost.
does this really make a difference?

An alternative is to go via the conversion to TEI LIte, which
does the ODD formatting for you, but outputs simple TEI.
eg, on a command line:

	teitolite --odd test.odd test.lite

NB this command is only available in the version of the Stylesheets on Github; it will be in the next release.