What I am doing for now (it is still early days) is placing the image file, the line transcriptions, and my graphic under sourceDoc, so it looks like this:

        <surfaceGrp n="South_Wall">
            <surface xml:id="EETS.29">
                    <graphic url="img_0479.JPG"/>
                    <line><orig>Now <damage>in the</damage> name of ou<damage>r</damage>e
                                l<damage>or</damage>d ih<ex>esu</ex>s</orig></line>
                    <line><orig>of right hole herte <ex>&amp;</ex> in our <damage>b</damage>est
                            <damage>l</damage>yf reme<ex>m</ex>bryng froward and
                    <line><orig>a<damage>y</damage> co<damage>n</damage>t<damage>ra</damage>rye to
                            the commandement</orig></line>
                    <line><orig>of crist i<ex>hes</ex><damage>u</damage> now wy<damage>th</damage>
                    <line><orig>the l<damage>ord beseching of mercy and pete</damage></orig></line>
                    <line><orig>our you<damage>th</damage><ex>&amp;</ex> a<damage>g</damage>e
                                tha<damage>t</damage> we have <damage>myspent</damage></orig></line>
                    <line><orig>wyt<damage>h this woord mercy knelyng o</damage>n
                                o<damage>ur</damage> kne</orig></line>
   <surface />
           <surface />

When I run this against my xsl, I get no results or I get only the actual content without any styling.  If I run it against html.xsl, I get the same thing.  Running it against the TEI P5 HTML transformation in Oxygen returns the title information, but no content.

What I would like to be able to do is to have the image of the text side by side with the transcription, similar to what you have in the link you provided.  This could be done using <text> and <div>, but since I'm working on a facsimile rather than an edition I wanted to follow the actual object as closely as I can and using <sourceDoc> and <surface> seemed like a better idea. 

Eventually the goal is to build these up into a virtual facsimile of a chantry chapel, to show how the various items in it can be read as an interconnected text.

Does this make sense?  I'm pretty sure the problem is related to using <sourceDoc> rather than <text>, but I was hoping that an example I could crib off of would make it clearer to me where I'm messing up.

All best,

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On 12 Nov 2013, at 15:50, Matthew Davis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I'm in the process of putting together a digital facsimile as an addition to an article I am working on.  I'd like to use the embedded transcription method outlined in 11.2.2 of the Guidelines (  My issue is on the display side -- I cannot get any xsl that I create or have found to actually work with my embedded transcription.

can you expand a bit on "work with"? I dont think there's a single right way to display a linked facsimile and transcription.

for example, is a simple example showing how you can highlight the
facsimile when you mouse over the text, but thats just one way to do it
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