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> I just had an odd experience. I created a new file using the MS Description P5 template in Oxygen. I was unable to put <formula> in <collation> (like you do). However when I switched to the TEI All P5 template, I was able to do it. <formula> is allowed in <collation>, so it looks like there is a bug in the Oxygen template setup. Could this be fixed please? I'm happy to use TEI All but I'd rather use the MS Description template (and I'd particularly like to know that the template is working when I recommend others to use it). <formula> is in the figured module - maybe that module isn't included in the MS Description Oxygen schema?

I am not sure its a _bug_, merely an unfortunate design decision not to include the "figures" model in that MS Description schema. I have
changed this for the next release.

Note that this is not a choice of the oXygen people - the TEI framework is an open source setup managed jointly by oXygen and TEI Consortium,
which they deliver in the oXygen editor.

When we make the next release, you'll be able to upgrade your framework.
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