> Exactly. For one thing, the National Corpus of Polish files were posted
> on the Web separately as the source TEI, the relevant schema and the
> relevant ODD, but no attempt was made to make them usable *in situ*.

eh? if they are TEI XML, they are valid against tei_all. If they're not, they're not...
what is this idea of "source TEI"?

> The idea is: download the desired parts of the set, and you can thus
> assemble a TEI-compliant (sub)system, on your disk. Only half of this
> lunch is free. The microwaving is on you...

i don't think I had any interest (today) in _using_ the resources. I was merely
curious as to whether TEI examples on the web were in fact valid TEI.

but thank you, Piotr, because your ODD file showed up an error in P5
which I was about to commit, so you saved me some embarrassment...