Dear TEI-L,

As a point of information, is a document that conforms to P4 and declares
itself as such no longer │TEI valid▓ if it isn╣t valid against TEI P5? I
would have thought that │TEI valid▓ would mean │valid against the version
of TEI against which the document claims to be valid,▓ but perhaps I╣ve
misunderstood either the definition of │TEI conformant document" or the
present discussion, in which case I would be grateful for gentle



On 11/21/13, 4:19 PM, "Lou Burnard" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>On 21/11/13 21:15, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> i don't think I'd rank
>> for i in `cat /tmp/list`; do echo CHECK $i ; jing Exemplars tei_all.rng
>>$i && $i is valid;done
>> as a script worth committing :-}
>but possibly worth doing all the same.
>Just as a reminder -- for the last few years there *has* been a
>definition of what it means to be a TEI conformant document! and an
>important part of it is being valid with respect to tei_all.rng (at
>least, as regards the parts of your document that are in the TEI