Hi all.

You may've seen the CHAT thread re

I'm in SF (until the 20th, at which point I'll be traveling a lot
until late January) and am also an agendered conlanger. I plan to pay
Sasha a visit in the hospital to deliver a 'get well soon' card and
welcome them to the wider conlanging community.

I invite you to join with me in this by contributing to the card (and
accompanying letter) in your conlang.

If you would like to contribute, please email me directly with:

1. A short message of support written in your conlang. This could be
something like "get well soon", or whatever else you deem appropriate
for this situation.

Because I need to assemble this into a collage card by hand, please
give this to me as either
a) a plain text email (if it can be written in standard Unicode)
b) a .doc/docx/rtf/odt file plus font (if you have a conscript with
custom font), or
c) a high res black on white image (or color on white, if color is
linguistically significant in your conscript).

2. (optional) A 1 page 8.5x11" PDF document that I can print as is, containing:
* an explanation or interlinear of the message (same as you'd give for
a conlang relay)
* your name and a link to your conlang's website
* any personal note or message that you would like to give Sasha

I will bring the joint card and everyone's letters with me as an
in-person delivery for Sasha to show our community's support for one
of our own.

Because I am leaving the country on the 20th and need to prepare /
pack / file FEC stuff / etc, I plan to make the visit Monday evening
or Tuesday morning, which is why I need it in by noon Monday. (Sooner
is better, of course.)

- Sai