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> One more thing: these could be put on for posterity as well.

Thanks for this link. I will check it out.

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>> The more the better! I'm really enjoying seeing these, thanks Paul.

There are a paltry few other items in the Library of Congress, but some of  
them seem not (to me) to be worth scanning or else are too large (such as  
one multi-lingual vocabulary) to scan into a photographic like image PDF.

>> To turn the subject back to the related Occitan idea of mine again: how
>> would members of the list design such a language? Something akin to LsF  
>> in
>> that it has a single source, but the source just happens to be modern
>> Occitan. How would one design a language that relies on a single source  
>> for
>> vocabulary, yet manages to be independent and easy to learn? [...]

I am not sufficiently familiar with Occitan to respond to this particular  
point. However, the (old) proposals with regard to Interlingua / Latino  
sine Flexione are (were) that Latin was a widespread, almost Europe (and  
even further) wide, genuine auxiliary language for over a thousand years.  
I don't think Occitan can come anywhere near making such a claim.

Paul Bartlett