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>  One more thing: these could be put on for posterity as well.
> Thanks for this link. I will check it out.

It's a great site, with copyright-free texts on just about anything. I've
found six- and eight-way dictionaries, books on the progression from Latin
to Portuguese, Old Norse, everything. This textbook for example from the
19th century is interesting:

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>>  The more the better! I'm really enjoying seeing these, thanks Paul.
> There are a paltry few other items in the Library of Congress, but some of
> them seem not (to me) to be worth scanning or else are too large (such as
> one multi-lingual vocabulary) to scan into a photographic like image PDF.
>  To turn the subject back to the related Occitan idea of mine again: how
>>> would members of the list design such a language? Something akin to LsF
>>> in
>>> that it has a single source, but the source just happens to be modern
>>> Occitan. How would one design a language that relies on a single source
>>> for
>>> vocabulary, yet manages to be independent and easy to learn? [...]
> I am not sufficiently familiar with Occitan to respond to this particular
> point. However, the (old) proposals with regard to Interlingua / Latino
> sine Flexione are (were) that Latin was a widespread, almost Europe (and
> even further) wide, genuine auxiliary language for over a thousand years. I
> don't think Occitan can come anywhere near making such a claim.
> --
> Paul Bartlett

It can't, but it seems to be (perhaps subjectively but I think I'm correct
on this) the closest to having an Interlingua-like vocabulary. The location
of the language shows it too, geographically close to just about every
Romance language. The other aspect it shares with Latin now is a complete
lack of geopolitical power. The only native speakers to benefit from such a
language are located in southern France, and it's not even the official
language of any country.

Quick example of Occitan that everybody knows, next to Interlingua, and
note that it could be doctored a bit more to make it even more similar:

Paire nòstre que siès dins lo cèl,
Nostre Patre, qui es in le celos,

que ton nom se santifique,
que tu nomine sia sanctificate;

que ton rènhe nos avenga,
que tu regno veni;

que ta volontat se faga sus la tèrra coma dins lo cèl.
que tu voluntate sia facite super le terra como etiam in le celo.

Dona-nos nòstre pan de cada jorn,
Da nos hodie nostre pan quotidian,

perdona-nos nòstres deutes coma nosautres perdonam als nòstres debitors
e pardona a nos nostre debitas como nos pardona a nostre debitores,

e fai que tombèm pas dins la tentacion mas deliura-nos del mal.
e non duce nos in tentation, sed libera nos del mal.