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Interesting. I got placed in Honolulu (for "firefly"), Seattle (for
"cougar"), and New York ("carra-mel"). The Honolulu part is a bit odd,
but since I live in Vancouver, where we probably got a significant
influence from Seattle in our Canuckese, :-P that's pretty accurate. The
New York part I may have picked up when I was living in Toronto for 10
years (the map does show some "carra-mel" patches in Maine, which
probably filters across the border to Quebec and Ontario somewhat).

Now, if the map had only included Canuckia, a clearer picture of my
whereabouts might have developed. :-P  (But I suspect I'd still be an
outlier, since I do still retain some influence from the Malaysian
dialect, which is indirectly connected to Britain due to the colonial
influence. The "firefly" bit *may* have come from there, perhaps.)


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