Some of my Brazilian scientific group colleagues who passed some time
in Paris like to keep speaking in French with everybody who can
understand it. Sometimes, they speak in French to me and I answer in
Portuguese and we keep in this conversation for a while.

In Italy, sometimes my wife and I spoke in Portuguese in touristic
places and people answered in Italian or Spanish. Sometimes, they
spoke something in Italian and repeated in Spanish in order to make us
understand it better, not knowing that the word in Italian itself was
much more evident to Portuguese speakers:

en.   /     it.    /   pt.  /  sp.

juice / succo / suco / jugo
ready / pronto / pronto / listo
I can / posso / posso / puedo
daughter / figlia / filha / hija

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2013/12/23 BPJ <[log in to unmask]>:
> What amazed me today was not the phenomenon itself, but that they could go
> on for such a long time with only one of them code switching and that very
> little. When I and my mother talk we are usually code switching wildly, and
> such bilingual conversations as I've experienced before has always been
> between closely related languages (Swedish/Norwegian/Danish,
> Icelandic/Faroese, Italian/Spanish or my grandparents'
> Polish/Ukrainian to block out us kids. Thus very similar grammars and
> vocabularies -- probably stored in the same compartment in the speakers
> brains[^1] -- and IME quite a lot of vocabulary adaptation at least on one
> side.