As I sat there last night pondering what my 2014 project would be it
suddenly struck me like a divine epiphany! What does this world need more
than anything else? While the question may seem deep and ponderous, the
answer, once it occurred to me, was so obvious that everyone should realize
it quite as spontaneously as I did. More than anything else, what this
world needs right now is another Romance conlang! How could it have taken
me so long to come to such an obvious realization?

And so I launch Latin 2.0. Latin rebooted, re-engineered, re-imagined like
never before. A New Latin, for a New Year with bold, exciting new features
and secret ingredient XP-27. In a world where Latin has been all but
forgotten, one man dares to fight back. Stay tuned for Latin 2.0 in blazing
technicolor and stereophonic sound. Yes my friends, this will be the
Rom-conlang we've all been waiting for! The sequel to end all sequels.
Latin 2.0. (Caution: May cause dementia or bleeding of the eardrums. Tell
your doctor if you live in an area where a living romance language is
spoken. Avoid taking if you are allergic to Indo-European roots and stems
or have suffered indigestion from Italian food in the past.)

Or maybe I'll take up bird photography.

Happy New Year everyone.