Why should we work so hard to teach a computer how to understand and speak 
in a human language, when it can create a language for us thats easier for 
it to understand?

We write lines of code and rules and all to get a computer to listen and 
transcribe and talk back to us, when it might be easier to change our 
language to something it at its core better understands?

Its like we talk/communicate to a dog, but in frequencies and means it does 
not use normally.  Dog might create a con-language that is based on higher 
or lower auditory frequencies or on visual or smells and like?

I know a Language for us humans is mostly all auditory with some visual due 
to things like hand jestures and some facial expressions and maybe tone. 
yes? But can a computer understand all the areas we humans use for 
communicaition? Not easily?


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>> The idea is if a computer was able to or ... to create a language for 
>> humans, what would it do and how and why?
>> Could base in on things all humans have in common?
>> Logic or ..
>> Why should I a computer learn a human OS when it could teach the humans 
>> how to speak in a language it has designed or made or created?
> The question is ill-formed, in a semantic sense. What does it even
> mean for a computer to create a language for humans? Are we talking
> about a theoretical AI creating a language for humans to use to talk
> with it? If so, this is pretty much the same problem as designing an
> alien language- you'll have to describe the psychological
> characteristics of this particular theoretical AI and how it uses
> language to decide what kind of language it would create.
> Otherwise... computers don't do anything on their own. They do what
> humans have told them to do (not necessarily what humans *want* them
> to do, but exactly what humans have actually told them to do...) So,
> what kind of language would a human design for a computer to use to
> have humans talk to it? Well, that's how we get programming and
> mark-up languages.
> -l.