I've gone over the Tirelat vocabulary and made a list of all the 
existing consonant clusters.


Consonant + /j/, /l/, /r/, or /w/

bj bl br dl dr dw dzj dzr dzw fj fr gj gl gr gw ghl kj kł krh kw khj khl 
khrh khw lj łj łr łw mj ml nj nr pj prh rj rhj sj sw šl šw tj tł tr trh 
tw tsj tsr vj vr zj zw žr žw

Note that /l/ and /r/ tend to be voiceless after voiceless consonants, 
with a handful of exceptions:

/fraak/ "cotton", /fraam/ "banana" (borrowings from Jarda)
/xlutu/ "plane", /xlyjta/ "helix"
/šlutsu/ "distance"
/travo/ "zirconium" (probably a mistake for /trhavo/)
/tsram/ "phrase"

Also note the absence of labial + /w/ and retroflex + /j/ clusters.

Fricative + nasal:

khn sm sn šm šn zn žm žn

Two voiceless consonants (which historically had an unstressed vowel 
between them):

ft kt kht pkh sk st šk št tf tkh


kv: /kva/ "some (none in particular)"
tkw: /tkwyr/ "copper"
tsv: /tsvyba/ "to print"
zb: /zbota/ "to get rid of"
žb: /žbaj/ "recently"

/tkwyr/ is just another case of an unstressed vowel that was lost 
between voiceless consonants. I'm thinking that /kva/ and /tsvyba/ 
probably date back from the time I merged /w/ with /v/. They probably 
should be /kwa/ and /tswyba/, but I've recorded the song "Khojda rugi u 
room" already with /kva/. That leaves /zb/ and /žb/, which I think 
probably ought to have an unstressed vowel in there.

Now the final clusters.

bz fts jk jm jt khk kht lg nt rb rg rgh rv rhk rhp rhš rht sp st št

Very few words in Tirelat have final consonant clusters, so I don't know 
if there's any useful information here.

Medial clusters fall into a number of groups.

Consonant + /j/, /l/, /r/, or /w/

bj bl br dl dr dw fj fł gj gl gr gw ghj ghr kł krh lj lr lw łw mr mw nj 
pł prh rj rw rhj sj šł šw tj tł trh vr zj žr

/j/, /l/, /r/, or /w/ + consonant

jd jdz jf jg jgh jk jl jm jn jp jr jš jt jts jv jz jž lb ld lg lgh lj 
lkh lm ln lŋ lr lv lw lž łk łkh łp łt łts rb rd rg rgh rj rm rn rŋ rv rw 
rz rž rhk rhp rhs rhš rht wd wk wm wn ws

Nasal + consonant

mb mp mr mw nd ndz nj nt nts nz ŋg ŋk

Consonant + nasal

gn kn lm ln lŋ pn rm rn rŋ sm šm šn vn wm wn zm žn žŋ

Two voiced consonants

bž db gd ghb vg zd zg žb žg žv

Two voiceless consonants

fk fs ft ks kt kht pk ps pt sk sp st šk šp št tkh tsk

Two identical consonants

ff kk ll mm nn pp rr ss tt

Three consonants

ntrh (possibly < /nrh/)