On 07/01/2014 00:48, Christian Thalmann wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Jan 2014 11:11:30 +0000, R A Brown  wrote:
>> I abominate the view that at some particular time in
>> history a language reaches 'perfection' and that all
>> that follows is downhill.
> I don't subscribe to that philosophy either,

Glad to hear it     :)

> but the aristocracy that caused the Jovian language
> certainly thought like that. Most modern-day Jervans
> still do, and are proud of whatever "ladindade" their
> language has managed to cling to beyond the other
> Romance languages.

Thanks for clarification about Jovian.

My attitude to Ill Bethisad is well known, so I think I'll
bow out of this thread and wish you well with your Jervans
in IB     ;)

If /ni/ can change into /ɑ/, then practically
anything can change into anything.