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> (Also, on the topic of altlangs: Has anyone done a “modern Visigothic”,
> taking Wulfilan Gothic and applying the sound changes of Castilian? 
> Would that even be historically plausible?)

Back in ’07 I toyed with a Portugothic project for a while. Sadly, lack of time and not knowing much Gothic or Portuguese proved to be a serious blockage. I've recently learnt Portuguese to a basic level, but Gothic remains on my wishlist. Also I'd need a proper understanding of the Portuguese sound changes, and I've no idea how historically plausible it would be.

I did posit a few possible words, e.g. those below, but that's as far as it got. I doubt I ever even mentioned it here.

Come - quinhar
Ear - oso
On - ã
1 - ̃es (ems?)
4 - fedo
5 - fim
9 - nhũ (nhum?)

I'd love it if someone were to run with this idea and produce Portuguese-looking and Spanish-looking descendants of Gothic. I think the result could be truly elegant and beautiful, like Brithenig and many similar altlangs. Documenting Jameld takes up all my available conlanging time these days (update: the revised grammar is now 75% written, but I've got stuck on the subjunctive).


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