Hallo conlangers!

On Saturday 04 January 2014 21:51:07 And Rosta wrote:

> _Bozolang_ would be offensive, but this is _bogolang_. See
> <
> =69816>. I think _graftlang_ is the least infelicitous of the candidate
> names.

Thanks.  _Bogolang_ is perhaps less offensive than _bozolang_,
but still implying that something was wrong with it: a "bogus
language".  I coined the term _graftlang_ because the diachronic
development of such a language is the equivalent of a tree onto
which a gardener grafted a twig from another tree.

As I have observed before, the whole enterprise of graftlanging
is not without problems; yet, a properly done graftlang, with
the necessary modifications of the grafted sound changes, is a
legitimate conlang.

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