Hi, I'm new to this list.

I wanted to announce that I've put online for free a complete corpus with decipherment notes for Fromkin's Pakuni as well as a dictionary ( wordlist ) of the unique words in the same : 

( Pakuni is one of the most influential conlangs in the history of conlanging.  It's the first conlang in TV or movies and the largest in mainstream TV movies or books.  It's a simple conlang based on the Ewe family of Bantu languages and was made as a way to teach children grammar via the mega-hit TV show "Land of the Lost".  Conlangs, conscripts, "proto-conlangs", and "proto-conscripts" in TV and movies especially, but also books, owe almost everything to Pakuni.  It was especially influential on Star Wars.

The only other decipherment contribution of note which I was able to find online was the wordlist by Nels Olsen, which I found very helpful, yet not covering all episodes or obvious words and containing many errors in transcription and decipherment methodology and rigor. 

These documents are just rough drafts, though, and only a few of the documents I've recently made on Pakuni.  I likewise made a corpus and dictionary for the pseudo-Pakuni made by Jorma for the 2009 "Land of the Lost", did a number of studies contained in separated documents, including work on the 3 conscripts included in the TV Series and movie.

I recently posted a more in-depth article to Zompist Bboard regarding these works.  The conscripts are of special interest.  Pakuni is a very interesting mainstream conlang because of its place in conlang history and it being the largest of them all ( in mainstream TV, movies, or books )(except maybe Dothraki).

Is there anyone interested in Pakuni who wants to say anything to me ?  Is there anything anyone would like to give me as help ?

Thank-you for letting me post this to your list.  Thank-you in advance for any help.

My time online is very limited and I might not get to answer responses for months and months.