George Mann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi, I'm new to this list.
> I wanted to announce that I've put online for free a complete corpus with 
> decipherment notes for Fromkin's Pakuni as well as a dictionary ( wordlist ) 
> of the unique words in the same :

Thank you for posting this. LotL, while not exactly the "mega hit" you 

claim of it, is indeed a cult classic, and has always had its die hard fans.
Further, it is indeed quite interesting for our community on account of

it being one of the few television shows or movies to use a real conlang. 

And it is arguably the first instance of an intelligently designed conlang 

in the media (tv, cinema, print) outside of Tolkien. The producers (Krofft)
did in fact engage the services of a real life linguistician (Fromkin) for the 


Couple comments. First, I just want you to know that I did actually read quite
a lot of what you wrote. You might consider making an actual web page or 
placing these documents in a wiki or something. PDFs and DOCs floating around 

couldcontain viruses or malware and that's asking for trouble. I wouldn't open any 

of your documents at home or on any computer that doesn't have robust malware 

protection. Just saying. I don't know who you are or what your motives may be and 

want others to be aware.

Second, please tone down the egotism. It's currently set on 17, and that's about
25 notches too high. It doesn't play well. Especially here.

"Here's rough draft versions of two major documents from my recent ground-breaking 
work deciphering Fromkin's Pakuni conlang from 1974-1977's Land of the Lost.  I got 
much further than anyone before me, and even deciphered all the pseudo-conlang done 
by Jorma for the 2009 Land of the Lost movie ( included in other documents not put 
online yet)"

So, now that I've finished barfing over your self-serving and other-deprecating prose,
I would just note that what you've written do not constitute "major" documents. What you've
got here is some basic notes and source materials from which some kind polished document
could eventually be written. Your work isn't "ground breaking". Ground breaking is what
happens when you're the first one to document a conlang. Someone else (Olsen) already 

did the ground breaking work. At best, you're coming along to rearrange the furniture. Land 

of the Lost was nowhere close to being a "mega hit". It is indeed a cult classic, though, and
has long had a strong fan base. You really haven't gone "much further" than Olsen's previous 

work, if only because there's not much of the language to begin with, so it's not like you can 

really get a whole lot farther than anyone else. A lot of the work you're doing has been done 

already to a great extent, and your disparagement of that work (Olsen's et al) doesn't do you 

much credit. Either here or with the amiable public you'd like to write for. Lastly, Pakuni
is about as UNinfluential as you can get. Many folks aren't even aware of its existence. It
has nothing like the market share of Sindarin or Klingon or even Dothraki or Na'avi. Given
that you could only the work of one other interested fan online is indicative of the likelihood
of this observation.

Frankly, I got real tired of your whining and complaining réal fast. It seems like no one has 

ever done anything half so well as you could do, and when it suits, you complain of religious 

persecution. (And I don't say that flippantly -- I do believe that Christians in general and
Catholics in particular are being harrassed and persecuted in modern American culture, but
I doubt very much the management of Zompist have booked time at the Flavian just for
you. Anyway, if you do condescend to continue with us mere mortals, you'll find zero religious 

persecution here. Guaranteed.) It seems more like you're interested in airing your grievances 

over your treatment at ZBB than you are in presenting data on a conlang. Guys like you dó 

indeed get kicked out of places like ZBB, but it's not because of religious persecution. It's 

probably more like because you have an ego the size of Texas and simply can't get along with 

anyone else. But at least you've given us ample warning of what we can expect from you!

And oh joy --- all this ego tripping is "free" - what a wonderful deal!


> ( Pakuni is one of the most influential conlangs in the history of conlanging.  
> It's the first conlang in TV or movies and the largest in mainstream TV 
> movies or books.  It's a simple conlang based on the Ewe family of Bantu 
> languages and was made as a way to teach children grammar via the mega-hit TV 
> show "Land of the Lost".  Conlangs, conscripts, 
> "proto-conlangs", and "proto-conscripts" in TV and movies 
> especially, but also books, owe almost everything to Pakuni.  It was especially 
> influential on Star Wars.
> The only other decipherment contribution of note which I was able to find online 
> was the wordlist by Nels Olsen, which I found very helpful, yet not covering all 
> episodes or obvious words and containing many errors in transcription and 
> decipherment methodology and rigor. 
> These documents are just rough drafts, though, and only a few of the documents 
> I've recently made on Pakuni.  I likewise made a corpus and dictionary for 
> the pseudo-Pakuni made by Jorma for the 2009 "Land of the Lost", did a 
> number of studies contained in separated documents, including work on the 3 
> conscripts included in the TV Series and movie.
> I recently posted a more in-depth article to Zompist Bboard regarding these 
> works.  The conscripts are of special interest.  Pakuni is a very interesting 
> mainstream conlang because of its place in conlang history and it being the 
> largest of them all ( in mainstream TV, movies, or books )(except maybe 
> Dothraki).
> Is there anyone interested in Pakuni who wants to say anything to me ?  Is there 
> anything anyone would like to give me as help ?
> Thank-you for letting me post this to your list.  Thank-you in advance for any 
> help.
> My time online is very limited and I might not get to answer responses for 
> months and months.