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>>>I have a few test sentences (substitute vocabulary as needed). I'm curious about the translations.
>>>1. The boy kicked the door shut.
>>>2. The coffee isn't as hot.
>>>3. John ate more potatoes than Tom.
>>>4. John ate as many potatoes as tomatoes.
>>>5. He doesn't mind you seeing the giraffe.
>>>6. She didn't see any destruction.
>>>I could come up with some more.
>>>Why are you curious about these particular sentences?
>> They should be very interesting in Sylvia's new language.
> And I am almost done. I just need to look up one word in my dictionary
> which is not on my current computer, and then I can post the
> translations. So this evening, my time, probably.

koda ma bana syudɨdɛn otni pogɨdɛn.
boy 3P foot.MTsg gate.MTsg V(→).PRF shut.MTsg
The boy’s foot (S) made the door (A) become shut (D/ADJ).

ala kavehas mɛttɛndɛ kyala bala.
now coffee out-V(∎).IMP hot NVS
Now the coffee (A) is less hot (D).

J ma kye aŋo pɛŋɨdi tono; T ma kye ubi tono.
J’s belly many potato.MTpl V(←).PRF; T’s belly less V(←).PRF
John (S) ate many potatoes (A), T (S) ate less (A).

J ma kye pɛŋɨdi=nɛn gadɨdi tono ŋyandatya.
J’s belly potato.MTpl=and apple.MTpl V(←).PRF same.number
John (S) ate potatoes (A) and apples (A) in the same number (ADV).

mava mɨdɛ tɛpa sɛdɛ ŋi doŋi sodda ono tɛlɛ.
3P.MTsg care.SSsg without V(|).IMP 2P eye.MTsg ceratops.MTsg V(←).IMP INF
He (A) is without care (A) (that) you (S) see the ceratops (A).

ma doŋi amba gubɨdi vutono tɛlɛ.
3P eye.MTsg some debris.MTpl NEG-V(←).PRF INF
She (S) did not see any debris (A).

Make sense? aŋo and ubi are like amba (which was in the grammar).
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