R A Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>>  I don't expect it ever to become *realistic*, but perhaps
>>  a development path could be found that would yield
>>  almost the same Modern Jovian at a much lower rate of
>>  historical collateral damage.
> I doubt it. In any case, Jovian is set in the world of Ill
> Bethisad and I suspect it does little or no collateral
> damage there     ;)

Yes. I don't think it's possible to shred the trouser legs of Time any
worse over *there* than is already done!

> I'm never really at home with alternate histories, they seem
> to get horribly out of hand.  

Case in point. 

> That's why I have adopted a
> _ceteris paribus_ approach for my as yet unnamed British
> Romlang, i.e. the world of the 21st century will be more or
> less as it is *here*, the only major difference being that
> those who now speak English will be speaking a Romance
> language     :)

Oh dear. I do hope you'll be publishing a TY guide so we can all
get up to speed! :)


> Ray