Mike Adams <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Could always redo the Canturbury tales but modern day or future or ...

There's also a modern remake on DVD from the Beeb.

> Once was tempted to redo Romeo and Juliet but make it in Belfast or Sarjevo 
> or Fairbanks or even Arkansas or like places where you have or some have 
> issues with other groups..

West Side Story.

> But then again, how to do something you wrote and reverse engineer it for 
> the time of Chaucer?

The same way you forengineer Chaucer for a modern setting. You must be
intimately aware of current trends, history, culture, language and so forth
at both ends. Thankfully, the humanity of the stories is a direct translation.
It simply becomes a matter of getting the point across using the language
of the time and place. Just like any other translation project.


> Mike