Fascinating, Fredrik, thank you: I didn't know constructed languages
had been used in movies that early.

About "The language can be heard in many brief dialogues throughout
the movie, though without the original script, it is impossible to
analyze whether it is actually a complete language with coherent
grammar and vocabulary, or just so many nonsense syllables. "

Actually there is a script in
but it only includes dialog that is in English. However, it could be
used to start captioning the video, leaving only the non-English
passages blank for later transcription efforts. A matter of
reuploading the video to YouTube, then, from the admin interface,
adding to it the transcript as .txt file and leaving the
synchronization to the YouTube software. As the film is in the Public
Domain, there should be no problem with YouTube's copyright

Then the YT video could be added to Amara, which will pump the
captions too, and there it'll be possible to edit them.

Just an idea


On 1/13/14, Fredrik Ekman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I write a blog about old movies, and I just published a post about the
> language used in Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes. I also draw some parallels
> to other movie conlangs.
> The blog can be found here:
> Enjoy!
>   Fredrik