On 10/01/2014 21:39, Roger Mills wrote:
> Ray-- apologies for this public reply, I don't seem to
> have your email addr.
> ====================================

No worries - there should be two 'reply to' addresses with
this email.  One of them's mine    :)

> Comments on Outidic-- I've read the website (fascinating
> by the way, and I look forward to the rest),

Thank you.  I'm taking a rest at the moment and switching my
attention to the as yet unnamed British Romance lang.  But
that will certainly take some time, if it is to be done
properly, so I might occasionally take time off, so to speak,
an do a bit more Outidic.  who knows?

All typos now corrected.

> cap. (general comment re stress: isn't final stress
> pretty odd for a Greek-derived language?)

But Outidic is odd for a Greek derived language     :)

Final stress word accent on nouns and adjectives is not
uncommon in Greek; but to stress verb thus is, I admit, very
weird.  But Dr Outis was clearly muddled over this matter
and resorted to what he understood Hebrew practice to be.

[snip - having corrected the typos]

> intended? §5.5, last line of fn.2, the Greek exs. appear
> to be "σψηκ, σφηκός" is that initial "sigma" correct?
> since Outidic spek is said to have metathesized the psi.

The initial sigma is correct.  What the good doctor did was
to change _sphek-_ to _psek_.  I've added a bit here to (I
hope) make this clearer.

Thanks for the input.

If /ni/ can change into /ɑ/, then practically
anything can change into anything.