By Kahless the Unforgettable, I got mentioned in an article!

The original epistle by Mr Waddell seems to read:

vengghojmoHwI' chonStItutIon
jIchegh poH vebyay
qaS reSIghnatIon 31 2014 january
chaqDaHjajQaQ jajpaj.

jachtaHvlSjatlh: DavID waDDell

chonStItutIon for “constitution,” and reSIghnatIon for “resignation!” Oh

Here's my retranslation of the resignation letter, with a correction or two:

vengvaD paQDI’norgh tay yIghojmoH!
Teach civilized teachings to the city!

yay vIleghmeH pIq veb jIcheghbej.
I shall certainly return next time to see victory.

qaStaHvIS cha’SaD wa’maH loSDIch DIS wa’DIch jar wejmaH wa’DIch jaj jIpaj.
While the 31st day of the 1st month of the 2014th year happens, I shall

chaq jIpajchu’meH QaQ DaHjaj.
Perhaps today is a good day for me to resign completely.

‘e’ qonta’ DeyvID waDDel.  Qapla’!
This was composed by David Waddell.  Success!

My Klingon is quite rusty, but, as a North Carolinian, I am honor-bound to
help anyone who is on the Great Council.