The Austrian National Library has scanned a bunch of Bolak/Langue Bleue books (listed under "Bollack, Léon"):

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And those same aficionados might wish to know that the an original French
copy of La Langue Bleue - Bolak Langue Internationale Pratique,1900 is
currently on eBay at:

Yes, but at a quick glance, the asking price seems to be €100 !!!!! That is a little out of my budget. :D The online catalog of the Library of Congress lists a copy, but the last time I checked, it was not available. (However, there are errors in the online catalog, and I could do some more searching.) Also, there might be digital copies available somewhere online.


By the way, I thionk that Professor Tiscxh(l)er did not exist. He was, I
believe Bolak himself - who had spent time in his youth in London. Sadly,
he over-estimated his mastery of English.

Possible, of course. I have not (yet, anyway) read the Tischer text in depth, so I have not examined the quality of the English.

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